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Arabic Jewelry Specialists

Handcrafted Arabic jewelry is an icon that cultivates qualities of uniqueness and a blend of aesthetics. Our handcrafted pieces follow traditions that are centuries old. We carry the latest fashion jewelry sets in various styles.


Our focus on Middle Eastern, Turkish and Indian style jewelry, offering the finest selection of jewelry made from gold, silver diamonds and other precious stones and metals. We stay ahead of trends to provide only the best and latest selections for your specific needs.

Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection

We give tender care to your jewelry to ensure beauty is maintained. It is recommended to get your fine jewelry cleaned and inspected every 6 months. With regular cleaning and inspection, we make sure your jewelry stays looking great and helps retain the value and worth. Through this, you can save the hassle of replacing an heirloom or a lost diamond. We always have the ability to clean your jewelry and are ready to examine it closely for you.

Diamond Resetting and Retipping

We place gemstones securely and beautifully on jewelry pieces. Remounting jewels are often less expensive in comparison to new jewelry. We give new life to old gemstones that you love. With time, prongs may become badly worn. We match the origional alloy for a flawless finish on your jewelry. Our professional jewelers will help you through the process of retipping or replacing a prong to protect the state of your origional jewelry.

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